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Good News for all of you who are missing the music!

Here's how to make a reservation for an evening of entertainment at the Sugar Creek Music Club!

All seating at music events is reserved.  When you come in, you will be assigned "your table" where you will enjoy the evening and maybe even make new friends!

By each show description on our Home Page, you will see a big "RESERVE" button.  When you click on the button, you will see a new page on which you can enter your name, the number of guests in your party, your phone number, and your e-mail address.  The form also shows the cover charge for the event (if it has been determined).

When you click the form's SUBMIT button, your reservation is sent to us, and your browser will redirect back to the Home Page (so you can make more reservations!).  Within 24 hours, you will receive either an e-mail or a phone call that confirms your reservation. Your reservation is NOT final until you receive either a phone call or e-mail verification from Merle.  If you have not received a response after 24 hours, please call 205-527-0232 to confirm.  ALL FIELDS ON THE RESERVATION FORM ARE REQUIRED except the "comments" field.  If you leave any fields blank, the reservation will NOT be accepted.

The confirmation e-mail will also reflect the total cover charge for your party.  We cannot accept credit cards or checks, so please bring cash; and remember, we are out in the country so there are no ATMs nearby!  The closest bank ATM is nine miles back towards the Interstate.

Alternatively, you can contact Merle Dollar via email ( or by phone/text at 205-527-0232 for reservations.

Two days before the scheduled event, the web site will send you an e-mail reminder.  It will include the number of guests in your reservation and the total cover charge.  Please respond to these e-mails so we know if you are still planning to attend (thank you).

Please note: Making last-minute reservations using the above procedures is nigh-to-impossible on show dates!  Mac and Pat are busy with food preparation, and Merle will be at the Club getting the place ready for the event.  If you've been thinkin' about coming and make a late decision, please call Mac on the hard line at 256-841-2522 or text Merle at

We are excited about seeing you at one of our evenings of music and fun!

Mac & Pat McAllister

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