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A place of welcome and encouragement for songwriters of all experience levels.

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The Sugar Creek Music Club has brought some great entertainers to Blount County! The Sugar Creek SongCrafters was formed to help find and mentor aspiring songwriters, adding to the list of available entertainers in the region.

At Sugar Creek SongCrafters meetings, held the second Thursday of each month, participants have the opportunity to:

• Meet and network with other songwriters
• Find co-writing opportunities
• Perform their creations in an encouraging environment
• Interact with established songwriters who perform at the feature event
• Learn about the business side of songwriting
• Have fun!

Unlike some songwriter groups, there are no formal critiques and no competition. Songwriters can ask for input if they want it, which is provided privately and discretely rather than in a group setting.

At each meeting, instruction is provided on the business of songwriting. Participants can learn how to register a copyright, how Performing Rights Organizations work, performance tips, co-writing and more, including basic song structure and construction.

The meetings will end with brief performances by two or three opening songwriters followed by a featured songwriter, all of whom will be available for questions and advice.

Whether you're a novice songwriter, an experienced writer looking to grow, or a performing songwriter seeking to help others, the Sugar Creek SongCrafters is here to help.

Photographs of SongCrafters meetings will be available on the Photos Portal page.

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