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On show dates, please call or text changes in your plans to Mac McAllister at 256-841-2522. Merle does not have cell service up here so she cannot get calls or texts.

If you have difficulties using the online system, please call or text Merle at 205-527-0232 to make a reservation.

This is a private music club, where the patrons value the luxury of a quiet listening environment away from the noisy crowds at other places.  We love to be able to spread out comfortably and to hear the music and the lyrics.  But there is space for dancing when your feet just can't resist the beat!  We are into our sixth season, and Mac & Pat McAllister want to thank you for your support of the music.  Our goal is to keep the music going for both you, the listeners, and the musicians. Your attendance makes this possible!  And thanks to all the Local Color Alumni who are still answering the call for good music!  A little bit of Local Color lives on up here on the mountain.

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TONIGHT at 7:00 PM
Steel City Jug Slammers

 Steel City Jug Slammers provide audiences with a one of a kind experience. From the moment that they take the stage, spectators will immediately take a step back in time. This will be a really fun show!  $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
Steel City Jug Slammers
Friday, September 29 at 7:00 PM
Chapter Five

 Just a group of oldies who like to play oldies! Chapter Five have been playing together since they were kids, and are a real Sugar Creek favorite. Dance music from the 60s into the 80s. John Morgan (vocals, guitar), Debbie Morgan (keyboard knockout), Charlie Norris (vocals, guitar), and Dr. Randy Yarbrough (percussion phenomenon) will make you forget all your problems and take you back to the days when you could dance all night!  $15.00 cover (cash, please).  
Chapter Five
Saturday, October 28 at 6:00 PM
Ca$h Domino Killers Haloween Bash!

 What could be more fun than dressing up for Halloween? Rocking and dancing to the Ca$h Domino Killers will be the perfect Halloween evening for grownups. Pirates, grab your princesses; Avengers, swing your angels; Hokus, hold on to your Pocus on the dance floor! Errick and the guys will put a spell on you, you provide the costume and the fun. Dance to "the Monster Mash" and lots more great music with the Killers!  $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
Ca$h Domino Killers Haloween Bash!
Friday, November 10 at 7:00 PM
Three on a String Veterans Day Salute

 What better way to celebrate Veterans Day than with Three on a String? Our favorite Men of Merriment will shine the spotlight on military veterans with music and fun! Bring your favorite veteran and give him or her a hug. Better yet, bring a veteran ROOKIE. God bless America!  $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
Three on a String Veterans Day Salute
Saturday, November 18 at 6:00 PM
Kevin Prater Band

 We are so excited to welcome the Kevin Prater Band here this fall! From the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, The Kevin Prater Band delivers their unique "Coal-Fired Pure Kentucky Bluegrass" with additions of Classic Country, Grassed Up Vintage Rock, Original Songs and emotion filled, Bluegrass Gospel music. The Kevin Prater Band is frequently recognized and celebrated for their stellar harmonies and acapella singing.┬áThis national touring band will be passing through our parts so, of course, we invited them to stop in and do a show!   $20.00 cover (cash, please).  
Kevin Prater Band
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