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Sugar Creek SongCrafters - August 10, 2023
Great SongCrafters workshop tonight! Ten songwriters and an exceptional assortment of songs! Bear with your Friendly Webmaster while I edit and post all the videos.
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Laurie Orth
Laurie Orth  (See the video)
Brent Orth
Brent Orth  (See the video)
Tim Burns
Tim Burns  (See the video)
Gary Parker
Gary Parker  (See the video)
Skip Cochran
Skip Cochran  (See the video)
Cliff Abbott
Cliff Abbott  (See the video)
Dan Farmer
Dan Farmer  (See the video)
Robert  (See the video)
Steve Poer
Steve Poer  (See the video)

Mac, our host.
Mac, our host.

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